About Me

Photographer / Owner

David James

As a second generation photographer, photography is in my DNA

I’m a portrait and commercial photographer, I absolutely love to take pictures of people and work on outside the box projects.

For me photography is just not something I have learnt, it has been part of my DNA, my father was a talented photographer, who sadly passed away twenty years ago.

I was born in a small town in an area of Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, that used to be called the Heavy Woollen District due to the large number of textile and shoddy factories in the area. Fourteen years ago, we made the decision to move to Australia and settled in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria.

Before becoming a photographer, I was a chef working in hotels, restaurants and for catering companies around the world. To work with food you have to be passionate and respectful about the food you are creating and I was always told that the way to show someone that you care about them is to cook for them. I put the same passion and love I have for food into creating images.

Why do I take photo’s you may ask, as a second generation photographer I see the pleasure that my clients get from holding a printed image from their shoot, something that they can pass on down the generation’s. I had a relative of a friend pass away a few years ago and they struggled to find any photos of their relative for the funeral and he said to me it was painful to find that photographically that their relative did not exist. We should all exist in photos, so that the memory of our time lives on beyond us.